Percy Robinson has played with some of the best in rock, country and blues, and has been christened the best steel guitarist in the world by no less a luminary than Cowboy Jack Clements. And Clements should know – he has worked with stars such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, U2 and many, many others.

During the showband era Robinson toured the dance halls of Ireland and Britain with The Cotton Mill Boys and Gloria and Mississippi. There followed a period during which he played a key role in bands such as Rule The Roost, Raw, The Gooseberries and The Blue Valentines.

Throughout his music career Robinson has been much in demand as a session musician contributing to albums by artists such as Terence Trent D’Arby, Townes Van Zandt, Paul Brady, Bap Kennedy and Mary Black to name but a few. He has also built a reputation as a sound engineer and producer, running his own studio.

Today Robinson is a regular member of The Henry McCullough Band and of a trio called The Men That Knew Too Much, both these bands perform regularly.

Here are some of the albums I’ve played on over the years….

Album – Artist – Year
Town and Country – Phillip Donnelly – 1988
Neither Flesh nor Fish – Terence Trent D’Arby – 1989
Happy Like This – Mike Hanley – 1993
No Deeper Blue – Townes Van Zandt – 1994
Oh What a World – Paul Brady – 2001
Unfinished Business – Henry McCullough – 2002
When a Wrong Turns Right – Rev Neil Down – 2003
Looking Glass – Colm McConville – 2003
Small Town – Brendan Quinn – 2005
Down the Line – Ciaran Tourish – 2005
Full Tide – Mary Black – 2005
Western Soul – Paul Buckley – 2006
Poor Man’s Moon – Henry McCullough – 2008
We’re Together Again – Evelyn & Hugh McLean – 2009
Licks from the Sticks – Percy Robinson – 2009
Howl On – Bap Kennedy – 2009
Eilidh Petterson – When the time comes – 2009
Lars Wagle – Keep On Walking – 2010
Beyond the Pale – Phillip Donnelly – 2014
On The Track – Lars Wagle – 2014
Seeking the Assassin – Sam R Gibson – 2016
Eire of my Ways – Rev Neil Down – 2017